Behaviour correction and modification.

I love using a variety of consensual techniques to encourage submission, and to change undesired behaviours and habits of my subjects. I adore a wide array of corporal punishments, from using the cane to my bare hand for spanking. With a few strokes of one of my tools, on occasion combined with a gentle pull on the nipple clamps, or perhaps a small adjustment on one of my many electrical devices, I will ensure your full devotion, leaving the mundane outside world a distant memory during our time together.

Stylish blonde dominant alpha female with cane ready to give discipline

Do not let my soft feminine appearance fool you, as underneath lies my dark sadistic heart, which awakens when you are compelled to fall at my feet, bound in my private chamber, with countless tools to my disposal. Your behaviour will be evaluated, you will be probed, examined and shaped.

If you fail to meet my exacting standards, you will be punished, reinforced and disciplined. If you perform well, I will reward you. Your urge to be strapped down and disciplined will be fulfilled, while I release my sadistic desires on your defenceless body. If you have taken your punishment well, I might even allow you to worship me as your reward.


Correcting compulsive masturbation is one of my favourites. I pride myself at providing substantial training and reinforcement in this area. Tied and exposed, with your legs spread, I have many tools to ensure your intimate parts will be too tender to touch, and you will soon be begging me to be locked away securely in the safety of a chastity cage for some time.

However, if you are seeking obedience training, whether belonging to the traditional field of discipline or not, do not hesitate to ask. Perhaps bending you over my knee and spanking your bottom is compulsory to show you the error of your ways? Or maybe I shall punish you simply because I take pleasure from watching you squirm in pain?



I am highly experienced and skilled in applying caning, ranging from subtle and gentle to severe corporal punishments. Caning is a skilled art and requires lots of practice in order to push my selfless subjects further.

Some of my submissives enjoy being tied tight, so that they can tense their aching muscles in bondage, restraining their ability to escape, so they are forced to submit and take their punishment.

This also gives me the opportunity to taunt and tease my subjects, in anticipation of their impending doom. I deliver my caning in multiples of six (an English caning tradition), and I have several different canes depending on your threshold. Once the caning starts, you might be ordered to count every stroke, thank me for it and ask for the next one, or you might simply be ordered to endure it in silence interrupted only by your grimaces.


I especially adore spanking using my gloved hand, with you bent over my knee for extra erotic humiliation. I also love the sweet sound of my flogger or one of my various whips, aiming at my subjects most sensitive parts, giving the most intense sensations.

I expect total submission and humility, and if you take your punishment well, I may even allow you to kiss and worship my gloved hand.