For those who are impatient or simply unable to arrange a session in advance, due to life circumstances, I decided to offer same day bookings. How to book same day session with Me? It is very simple, send me an email in the morning (put ‘same day booking’ in the header). Once I have your email, and I am available, we can arrange the meeting. I live very close to my studio but still would need some notice just to prepare myself and travel, so bear that in mind please. I do not require a deposit for same day session. However, you would have to adhere to some procedures once you got the response from me.

atmospheric dungeon scene with professional dominatrix


I do offer and enjoy sessions for people with no or hardly any BDSM experience. If you are unsure or even scared to see a Mistress, but you have fantasied about it for a long time, I will make sure you feel comfortable and at ease at all times during your encounter with me. All your fetishes will be carefully discussed beforehand with consideration to your boundaries.


For all initial sessions I require an anonymous deposit in the form of an Amazon or an Etsy voucher. Other options, including various cash exchanging apps are also available.


1h – £220
5h – £300
2h – £400 
3h – £600
Dinner & session – from £350
Overnight stay – a mixture of play and overnight restraint – from £ 900
Novice session- £200
Foot, boot, heel session worship -£220


I am happy to take outcall sessions, especially if you have visited me before but only in Central London and in well established hotels.

How to email me – instructions

Whatever you are a curious or nervous novice considering your first session or an experienced submissive, this is what you should ALWAYS include, when requesting an appointment with me.

List of your fetishes

Compose a list of your dos and don’ts to share with me, which we will discuss before the first session. As an experienced Dominatrix I will take all your requests into a careful consideration. I may use your list to suggest other things you may find exciting as well. If unsure what to include on your list pay attention to your fantasies. If there is a kink that comes to your mind frequently, you probably will enjoy it during the session time. For more bespoke and complex sessions please email precisely what you are looking for.

Determine Your Level of Play

Sit down and once again analyse your list of interests. Realistically evaluate whether you want light, medium, or heavy play in each area of interest. Specify the equipment you are interested in trying out, the more specific you are to me, the better I will understand your needs. Include your limits and boundaries and do not forget to communicate any important health issues.

Time, date and length of the session

I am available 7 days a week from the early morning to early evening time. In your email include the proposed date and session time. I do offer the same day bookings but to avoid disappointment try to contact few days ahead.

Most significantly, do not ever state “Mistress, you can do anything to me”, because I may simply use the opportunity to satisfy my most severe sadistic desires, thinking that you are among the few and far between who can handle it. Do not attempt to please or impress by overstating your limits, you will not achieve anything by it.


I usually take bookings at my private dungeon in South London, SW9, zone two. Kink friendly, up-kept to the highest standards of cleanliness, with a comfortable sofa setting for initial consultation and conversation before we start.

  • BDSM furniture
  • Suspension Frame
  • Bondage Bed/Bench
  • Leather Sex Swing
  • Leather Gyno/Bondage Chair
  • St Andrews Cross
  • Spanking Bench
  • Interrogation chair
  • CBT/trampling table
  • Smother box
  • Vacbed, leather sleepsack
  • Tremblr Milking Machine


Paddles, whips, canes, floggers, crops, various CBT and NT implements, E-stim, small violet wand, large vintage violet wand, strap-ons, anal toys, plugs, dildos, gags, gas masks, hoods, heavy metal chains, sissy/TV wardrobe, cuffs, humbler, shock collar, collars, needles, chains, chastity devices, dildos, butt-plugs, magic wand vibrators.


Phone number: 7552699842


I conduct sessions as an extension of my Femdom lifestyle. I can be found at various fetish events, such as Club Pedestal or Club Femdom, and if you serve me well, I may consider letting you accompany me.

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