My Background
I am Alicia Kaine – a London based Dominatrix. I was born and raised in Eastern Europe, where I finished my English language degree. I then trained as a teacher. However, as I always had a very curious nature and wanted to explore the British culture, I decided to move to the UK, initially just to find out more about this beautiful country, and then, oh well, I guess I stayed here for good.
Medical fetish blonde dominatrix in latex in London

Most of my time here in the UK was spent living in the West Country, (dabbling in lifestyle kink and domination there) but then, as an opportunity arose, I moved to London.

Although, I have always found myself enjoying being in control of a male sexual desire, (I would never have taken on this profession if it was not the case in the first place), it is in London where my true BDSM adventure began.

Throughout my teaching work, I discovered that the right attitude can work miracles when it comes to pupil training and development.

I am strict but fair, and these days I use discipline as a way of ensuring that my rules and orders are fully obeyed, as it turned into a kinky passion of mine.