I simply love wearing latex, with a particular penchant for red catsuits. I find it amazing how it adjusts to my body shape and conforms to its temperature in just a few minutes. It becomes my second skin, keeping it moist, warm and stimulated. It enhances the feel of touching as well. Tight shiny latex looks great and makes me feel particularly kinky, every curve on my body is smoothed and it brings out the shape of my body perfectly.

latex and leather worship mistress in London YJ

“My latex loving submissive has impressed me to date, having served me to the best of his abilities. His reward awaits. He will be given opportunity to worship my latex covered body from toes up to my perfect rubber clad posterior.”

Leather for me is a strong, stylish fabric and can be very sexy and strict or sensual. It has a long history of making people happy, and by happy I mean horny. If you are into bondage or sensory deprivation, leather restraints, or leather gloves can be a powerful weapon to enhance your experience, fuel your fetish or to make you suffer.

I own a plethora of leather and latex outfits, ranging from leather lingerie, horse riding boots and numerous latex pieces, which I can wear on request for you to admire and worship in my domination sessions in London. I may offer you my hand, which can not only provide the gentlest of touches to the sharpest pain, to kiss, my feet to massage, my boots to admire and worship.

Perhaps you would like to suffocate under me as I sit on your face in my latex leggings.